Child Support

Nebraska has established Child Support Guidelines to support for the needs of the children. The reasoning behind the guidelines is “to recognize the equal duty of both parents to contribute to the support of their children in proportion to their respective net incomes.” The Child Support Guidelines not only include monthly child support payments, but also health insurance costs and necessary daycare costs.  

Child support is calculated based on an individual’s actual income, but earning capacity may be used in certain circumstances. The income may be deducted for things such as cost of health insurance attributable to the minor child, other child support orders, retirement contributions, and certain other deductions as in accordance with each state’s child support guidelines.   

Child support payments generally terminate when the child reaches the age of majority. However, in certain circumstances the child support order could terminate earlier under certain circumstances. Child support orders may be modified due to a substantial change in circumstances to include a change in income or the needs of the child.

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